Project management – infographic

What is project management?

A project can be considered to be any series of activities and tasks that:

  • have a specific objective to be completed within certain specifications
  • have defined start and end dates
  • have funding limits (if applicable)
  • consume human and nonhuman resources (i.e. money, people, equipment)
  • be multifunctional (i.e. cut across several functional lines).

So if you plan to launch your website, get a new logo, advertise your latest product or implement an online recruitment solution, you have, well, a project! And since you value your project and want it to be a successful one, you need a good project management.

Project management involves project planning and monitoring, in order to achieve the project objectives within time and within costs. The infographic below shows this process in an intuitive way.

Infographic that shows the 4 stages of project management.

The 4 stages of project management


Project Management for Mere Mortals – July 5, 2007
by Claudia Baca

Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling – February 18, 2013
by Harold R. Kerzner

Les 4 phases du management de projet
by Antonin Gaunand

Graphic ressources

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Stay with us, we’ll soon make available for download lots of templates of the main project management tools.



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