Website Relifting – Altus Pacific

Looking forward to modernize their 10-years-old website, Altus Pacific started a project with CI Media.

Website relifting

In a first stage, they asked us to do a simple website facelift, without further technical intervention. The result can be viewed online, at This is a 100% HTML solution, whose goal was to display a younger, more dynamic presentation of the old content, on the existing infrastructure.


The second stage is scheduled for summer 2015 and will be much more than just a website relifting. It will consist of a profound site transformation: the content will be reviewed and a more professional, better optimized and more secure technical solution will be implemented; the expected result is a modern and efficient website, a powerful vector of the Altus Pacific values.

Date: February 2015 Client: Altus Pacific Skills: Branding, Digital, Web application Website: