How it happens – the website design and website building process

At CI Media, the focal point of your company website design process and creation is the close and permanent contact between our consultants and your staff in charge of the project. The regular feedback leads to better efficiency (on our side) and a top satisfaction (on your side).

I – SEO consulting (gain visibility in search engines)

It is important for a website to be found by the search engines, the main tool of the Internet users. Who doesn’t want his site to be the first on the results list, or at least on the first page? To achieve this goal, we will:

  • draw, together with you, a list of keywords,
  • sort them by importance,
  • study the websites of your competitors
  • choose, together with you, the most suitable domain name for your website,
  • agree to the site structure, and
  • discuss the positioning of certain key elements in the site.

II. – Consulting on the domain name and hosting acquisition

We’ll study the market, propose you the best hosting choice for your site (in terms of quality/ price ratio) and make the purchase of the chosen domain name.

The domain name can be purchased alone or as a part of a hosting package, but it is important to secure it as soon as possible, in order to avoid situations when the site is ready to be published but in the meantime the domain was purchased by someone else.

Creation of a new site

From the materials we receive from you (web pages texts, logo, images, ideas …) we establish the color scheme, we decide about the fonts and shapes, we set the layout of the elements on the page. Obviously, the visual identity of the company will be paramount in the choices we make. If you do not have a logo, CI Media can create one for you.

The images on your site will either be provided by yourself or we will purchase professional images from specialized sites.

After your validation of the proposed templates and given your choice of the implementation technology(static HTML site, dynamic site in Microsoft or PHP/ My SQL technologies), we move to the next step: creating the website.

Upgrade of an existing site

Your website needs an upgrade if:

  • its presentation is obsolete
  • there are images, elements of Javascript or Flash animations that greatly slow loading pages
  • it has not been optimized to be easily found by search engines
  • its content is consists mainly of text and you want to move the focus on graphics or animation.

Static HTML site

This step consists of translating the validated graphic layout into HTML pages using replacement text and images.

Compliance with the W3C standards and the use of the CSS classes ensure fast loading pages, compatibility with virtually all available browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari etc.) and optimized code for Google.

At the next stage we will embed the materials you provided, thus obtaining the final versions of each and every page of your site.

Dynamic site built with Microsoft technologies or PHP/ MySQL

Having a database and an interactive interface, the dynamic websites provide advanced functionality, such as:

  • site search modules,
  • news, social networks like and share
  • newsletter,
  • content administration module,
  • currency converter tools etc.

The site content (banners, news, articles etc.) can be easily maintained by yourself, via the administration module.

Site optimization and promotion

We offer SEO optimization – that means site optimization and promotion, registration in directories and search engines for each site of our creation, as well as for any other site already up and running.

Our actions on the site include:

  • optimizing the description and keywords meta tags
  • fill in and optimize the alt tag for images
  • review and optimize the page titles and texts
  • use HTML tags h1, …, h6, bold, italic
  • rewrite the URLs (page addresses)
  • optimize texts
  • calculate the density of keywords in pages.

And we do this for each page of your site.

Website maintenance

Whether your site requires regular updates (of texts or images) or you just want some occasional modifications, we can provide monthly/ quarterly maintenance.

Via a fixed subscription or through a system of hourly rates, we can quickly apply the needed changes.

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