Visual Identity – Our Offer

Visual identity – the basic package

The Identity Manual lists all the rules for the use and the development of the corporate logo and fonts, namely:

  • the typographic settings (fonts logo and accompanying fonts),
  • the minimum size of the logo,
  • the permitted and the prohibited uses.

Strict adherence to the requirements of the Identity Manual ensures a strong, consistent image and a high impact for your brand.

Logo design/ redesign

For your brand instant recognition, we design/ redesign your:

  • Owner logo – color and monochrome versions
  • Partner logo – color and monochrome versions

The Identity Manual sets out the usage rules for of each variant of the logo, as well as the prohibited uses, for both print and electronic medium.


To assert your identity, we design for you:

  • Business card templates (usually 85×55 mm)
  • Letterheads
  • Envelope templates
  • Templates for internal documents
  • Templates for A3 and A4 posters (in-house printing)
  • Templates for documents folders, CDs and/ or DVDs
  • Badges


Engrave your message in the memory of its recipients! Give it more weight by a unique, unforgettable form, distinctive among all the others.

We create for you:

  • Slideshows templates
  • Email/ newsletter templates
  • Promotional items (pens, caps, t-shirts, umbrellas, briefcases, watches, USB keys, stickers)


As a showcase intended to widely spread your brand image, the website is an integral part of your identity.

To possess a website template is to facilitate and shorten your site development, presently or later on. This package consists of:

  • The website layout, with HTML coding
  • The website design guidelines: description, colors and measurements for the following pages: Home, an inner page, Contact and About


The intranet site is a reliable and widespread communication tool, a space for sharing your work procedures, a debate forum, an ideas mailbox, and many other things. Thus the intranet site is invaluable for a dynamic and competitive enterprise.

This package consists of:

  • The layout of the intranet site with HTML coding
  • The design guidelines for the site: description, colors and measurements for the homepage and an inner page.

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