Branding with CI Media

Building your corporate identity

The visual identity of a brand asserts itself and and shows through all its aspects: the company name, its visual signature (logo, logotype, slogan), customized stationery (business cards, letterheads, electronic e-mail signature, …). The visual identity is defined and governed by a set of rules and recommendations for the implementation and development of the visual elements of your brand, usually summarized in a identity manual.

Building a solid visual identity (branding) is as important for a big company as it is for a small business firm. The first thing you should add to your business is the personification of your ideas, that is to say, you need to create an attractive brand.

Our branding services – how to benefit from?

Regardless whether your company is still at a project stage, a start-up or you already have an established brand that you want to reinforce, CI Media offers their excellent services – let’s talk about it!

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