January 2016

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Broken site after Customizr theme update: how to...

If your site uses the Customizr theme, and in an earlier version of it you changed the number of featured pages,

December 2015

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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2016!

The CI Media team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!

April 2015

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Featured pages in Customizr – how to change...

A few days ago we posted a tutorial on how to add your own custom colors scheme to the Customizr

Custom color scheme – add yours in

How to add a custom color scheme in Customizr the right way? There are several tutorials on the Internet on how to do that, but all of them achieve the goal by altering an existing Customizr color scheme (or skin). I'll show you how to do it properly, through a child theme, by adding your own custom color scheme to the exiting ones. I already did it for one of my clients, adding a purple3 skin to the list of those predefined in Customizr.

February 2015

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WordPress Theme Customization in 2 steps &...

A simple, handy and very straightforward way to customize your WordPress theme is via the Theme Customizer, available since WordPress 3.4. The Automattic team encourage theme developers to take this approach when starting from their Underscores theme. It basically consists of two steps: ...

December 2014

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Merry Christmas

Project management – infographic

September 2013

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WordPress theme development – work in...

ous sommes en train de développer un thème WordPress qui sera disponible sous peu, pour téléchargement, depuis notre site. Il